Internship Opportunities for STEM Track High School Students:

Do you want to go into the Ocean Sciences? Now is your chance to decide if that is the path you want to take! Check back for open internship opportunities.

Arctic Data Liaison & Educator- Cosette Turvold

Cosette Turvold is the Arctic Data Liaison & Educator intern for Ocean Research Project. She is a rising senior in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Magnet Program at South River High School. She is passionate about contributing to environmental science research and enjoys educating others about the importance of the environment. Aspiring to become an environmental scientist, Cosette enjoys doing independent research about the earth around her and being outside. Cosette also loves to travel abroad and learn about different people and the biomes they live in.

Cosette aspires to go to college and major in an environmental-related field. She is specifically interested in learning about marine biology. She is a licensed scuba diver and loves learning about the hydrosphere through hands-on experiences. In her free time she enjoys hiking/camping, playing volleyball, and being around her friends and family. Being a person who enjoys interacting with others, she aspires to teach others about the Earth and how to sustain its health. Her biggest goal over the next ten years is to make a large contribution to change how humans interact with their environments. She looks forward to advancing her knowledge of the environmental science field through working for Ocean Research Project, and gaining experience through working with other scientists.

Anne Arundel County Public School- STEM High School Internships

Bay-Wide Fish Analyst:    Summer/Fall 2014

Our intern, Aaron Anthony is analyzing daily submissions of detected marine species at Smithsonian Environmental Research Center SERC acting as a Ocean Research Project Team member discovering the fish whereabouts and behavior as our team sails and surveys a stretch of the Chesapeake Bay completing the Bay-wide Biotelemetry Project. Read his blog about his experience, click here.

The Ocean Research Project team relies on Aaron, he is ready to analyze our data as we sail and survey the extents of the bay listening for tagged marine species. He uploads our detection data as soon as its available and makes the major discoveries of just what marine species are active in the Chesapeake Bay. He is building a detection Google Earth Map plotting where the fish were as the days progress and learning about ocean technology, tools of modern day biologists such as bioacoustics receivers and tags. Aaron is a big help and with his great work we can learn more about the invasive and native species in the bay ecosystem and their roles affecting biodiversity change and loss.

College and professional Internships to be announced in Fall 2016!