By: Matt Rutherford On: October 18, 2012 In: News, North Atlantic Sargasso Sea Gyre Comments: 1
The Ocean Research Project is seeking funds and materials to carry out our objectives:
developing and conducting expeditions to various locations throughout the world to collect data to aid the scientific community and to create documentaries that are both educational and fun to watch.

A nonprofit science and public outreach organization, we are dedicated to gathering scientific data that enable improved characterization of the global oceans and coastal areas.  In addition to collecting useful scientific data, Ocean Research Project creates educational documentaries promoting sailing and discussing the various problems and solutions for our changing oceans.

The expeditions will be carried out aboard a sailboat, which provides us with a floating research station as well as an affordable and environmentally low-impact method of transportation.  For each expedition, the research team includes scientists that specialize in each particular region.

At present, we have determined locations for the first three expeditions:

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean


Arctic & NW Passage

Pacific Garbage Patch Pacific Garbage Patch[/