By: Matt Rutherford On: July 28, 2016 In: Citizen Science Comments: 1

Hello Fish Finder Followers

I want to keep you informed of where the Fish Finder has been over the summer. I will update this sight a couple of times over the next few months.
The Finder was first dropped into the Delaware River, in Essington, PA, middle of May. I tied it  to a dock in front of the Corinthian Yacht Club and there it dangled for 2 weeks. I am very interested in knowing if the reciever picked up any signals in the Delaware River. I remember 4-5 years ago a beluga whale came up the river as far as Philadelphia. Who know what else is in there!
Alliance (45′ Sabre sailing sloop) finally got in the water just before Memorial Day Weekend. Now the FF is with Alliance, presently in Rock Hall, Maryland. The FF has been dropped in a few different coves in the Chesapeake so far. Today, Fathers Day, I was out sailing on the Chesapeake and saw some cow nose rays! Very cool. Yippee! Proof there is some cool creatures out there.
The Fish Finder hung off the back of Alliance for 2 weeks undisturbed. You can see in the photos how much gunk grew on it! This gunk (not a scientific name) had all kinds of living creatures living in it.
After we docked I scrapped the fish finder cylinder off before dropping it back in off the stern of the boat. (The FF is dropped to record detections only while the boat is at anchor)
You can see in the photo a small yellow pouch on the rail. This is the tracker that is keeping Alliance’s summer journey logged. It is a GPS device that gets its information via satellite.
In early July, Alliance will head North; up the Chesapeake, down the Delaware and turn left heading north to Rhode Island. A four hundred mile sail. (lets hope there is wind)
Until the next leg of the journey,
Happy sails.
Kathy McCarron
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